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Sitios de interés

Plaza del Teatro

The Plaza del Teatro Internacional takes its name from this square, located a few meters from the hotel. The Plaza del Teatro in Quito has a lot of history; It was used in colonial times as a butcher shop and in the middle of the 18th century it was used as a bullring.

The National Sucre Theater of Quito, the Ernesto Albán Variety Theater are located in this square, and concerts, open-air theater performances are held and it is a family reunion site on weekends.

San Agustín Church

This church of the order of the Jesuits began its construction in 1573 and concluded it in 1669; It is one of the most representative churches at the time of the colony since in its Chapter House was signed on August 10, 1810 the Act of Independence for the heroes of this commemorative date for Ecuador.

Inside the church you can find the Miguel de Santiago Museum where you can see works in painting and wood sculpture by this magnificent artist from the “Escuela Quiteña”; the facade of this church is made with volcanic stone from Pichincha volcano.

Plaza Grande

This is the site with more history in the colonial quarter of Quito; since it is a place for daily meeting of people to talk about politics, social and cultural life of the city, here have occurred several historical moments for the country.

Around the Plaza Grande there are four important buildings of the city: The Government Palace or Carondelet Palace named because it was the residence of the Baron de Carondelet, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Municipality of Quito and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito.

Palacio Arzobispal

Located in the northern part of the Plaza Grande, it is the residence of the archbishop of Quito and the parent of the Archdiocese of Ecuador; Its construction is colonial and to walk its corridors is like going back in time.

Inside the Palace we can find a shopping center where you can admire the beauty of colonial architecture, you can admire and buy handicrafts as souvenirs made with unique details, clothing, you can eat in restaurants and enjoy theatrical works in your backyard.

Metropolitan Cathedral

It is located at the southern top of the Plaza Grande, its construction began in 1562 and was completed in 1806, its architecture is Baroque and neoclassical; Inside the church you can see Mudejar architectural styles in the choir section.

You can visit its museum where you can see paintings and sculptures made by several teachers of the Quiteña School among the most recognized is Bernardo de Legarda, you can also visit the mausoleum of the Marshal of Ayacucho Antonio José de Sucre.

Palacio de Carondelet

It is the political center of Ecuador, located in the western part of the Plaza Grande is part of the culture and history of Quito, is the seat of government and where the president of Ecuador makes decisions.

Called Palace of Carondelet, by Barón Héctor de Carondelet who ordered its construction being president of the Real Hearing of Quito; since its construction, historical events of transcendence for the country have occurred.

Metropolitan Cultural Center

In its beginning the first university of Ecuador was founded, guided by the Jesuits, it was also part of the Royal Barracks of the Royal Audience of Quito and it was in its dungeons where on August 2, 1810, the Patriots of Independence were murdered.

Nowadays, the National Library, the Alberto Mena Caamaño wax museum, has different rooms for public and private artistic exhibitions, theater plays are performed in its interior courtyards and book presentations.

The Company of Jesus Church

Founded and built by the order of the Jesuits, it is the most recognized and best-preserved church in Baroque style in Latin America. Its façade was built with Pichincha volcanic rock and its construction lasted 163 years.

This church has become a museum for national and foreign tourists to observe and admire the great colonial work with different architectural styles within the same church; You can also admire pictorial works of the Quito School.

Numismatic Museum

It is located in the former Central Bank of Ecuador in the historic center of Quito, here the national and foreign tourists can learn about the change that the Ecuadorian currency (Sucre) has had over time to dollarization.

You can see in each of the rooms the different coins, commemorative medals from the time of the colony to the Republican era, you can also visit its interactive rooms.

San Francisco Church

Also known as the “Escorial de Sudamérica”, it is the largest church in the historic center of Quito, founded by the Franciscan order, its construction began in 1534 and was completed in 1604.

Inside the church we can find paintings and sculptures of the “Escuela Quiteña” of several artists of the colonial era such as Caspicara or Bernardo de Legarda, among the most famous sculptures we will find “La Virgen de Legarda” and “Jesus del Gran Poder”.

La Ronda

This emblematic street of the historic center of Quito is one of the most visited by national and foreign tourists, since here you can see much culture and tradition of the city.

In its cobbled street you can find souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, craft workshops, street artists presentations and a number of activities that will distract anyone who visits this street.

El Panecillo

It is a natural viewpoint at the southern end of the historic center of Quito, with its 800 meters high makes the view of the colonial town and much of the city of Quito is one of the most beautiful for domestic and foreign tourists.

At the top or summit of this small elevation is the famous “Virgen del Panecillo”, “Virgen Alada “, ” Virgen Apocalíptica”, “Virgen de Quito”, “Virgen Bailarina” or the “Virgen de Legarda” that with its 31.50 meters high makes it one of the colorful sculptures from any point of the city.

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